only lies in she

got a calm face...
and a sweet smile..

used to love me..
warm hug with healing hand..
loving stare with caring glance

unspeakable love..
it's just too silent..
love born through action...

it's not once she being hated..
it's thousand times..
it's not once she being shouted...
it's million times...
it's not once she being hurt..
it's uncounted....

but..there is something only lies in she..
that can heal all those pain..
that can make you calm..
that you can't find in another 'she'..
it can't be paid..because it never being sold
 ..its only lies in she..
it's your mom's love

I Love You Mom... :')

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Looks deep...

If i can be a mirror to reflect all the good things to me...i will..
If i can be a sponge to absorb all my mistakes.....i will
If i can be a sweet to cheer up people around me...i will
if i can be herbs to heal disappointing.....i will

but i forgot....

" Adam's descent is the best thing that were created by CREATOR.....nothing is the best except Three Words...
Thank You Allah"


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